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Our Work Focuses on Preservation, Education, Advocacy, and Mental health Through Workshops, Including Ceremonial Dancing, Drumming, Traditional Medicine, Storytelling, Music, Poetry, Arts and Crafts, and Talking Healing Circles. 


"Our mission is to cultivate a safe, and healing space by embracing the richness of the Mexica/Aztec culture, traditional ceremonial wisdom, and the transformative power of Indigenous Talking Circles. We are dedicated to fostering mental health, social justice and advocacy through indigenous practices.

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To preserve the Mexica culture and traditions—a space where participants can find a sense of direction and cultural identity. Providing physical, spiritual, and mental self-care tools through native ceremonial practices like music, song, and dance to keep the body and spirit in harmony.

"Teach them when they are young where they come from, so they may know where they are headed."
Toydrive and Distribution 2023
Thank you to our circle, community, Palm Springs Parks & Recreation, Culturas Music & Arts 
Innercare in Coachella Ca, and Coachella Valley Donations and Danny G for the donations of PPO, COVID TESTS, Handsanitizers and drinks.
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