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Summer Workshops

A series of cultural small workshops designed to welcome participants of all ages. Through the months of June-August at the beautiful Coachella Valley Art Center in down town City of Indio California.
Small Business Do's and Don'ts
Poetry Workshops 
Intro to Indigenous Medicine 
Intro Aztec Dancing
Intro to Drumming

Toy Drive

Every year in October, participants, family members, and community members rallied to collect toys and gift cards for individuals 0-17. Donations are given to organizations serving underserved communities in the Coachella Valley.

In the past years, we have collected gifts for over 120 children, participants, and volunteers to organize the distribution, and we offer warm drinks and pastries for all who attend.

Catholic Charities Coachella Valley 2021

Purepecha Community of North Shore 2022

Day of the Dead Ceremony

The Day of the Dead Ceremony is a celebration to remember  and honor our loved ones who have passed away. For the Mexica people, the celebration of the Day of the Dead begins in late August and culminates in November.

The ceremony is a way to bring participants .family and friends together as well as an open invitation to the public who wishes to learn and engage in the traditional ceremonial practices of the Anahuac (Mexican-Indigenous people of Southern Mexico)

The ceremony begins with the building of the altar, guests can add artifacts and pictures of their loved ones, followed by the opening of the circle, blessing, traditional dance offering and community dinner.

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