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Gabriela "Gabby" Armenta

Gabriela ‘Gabby’ Armenta is the co- founder and director of Danza Azteca Citlaltonac a traditional Mexica group founded in the Coachella Valley in 2007 . A long time resident in the Coachella Valley, growing up in Mexican cultural household and a dedicated community builder has inspired work in the music and arts, religious roots, community organizing and empowerment throughout the Coachella Valley. 


Gaby’s wisdom, patience, and dedication to her community inspires others to see the beauty of our culture, traditions of our ancestors, and instill the importance of activism and social justice to all generations.Her work include advocating for mental health, immigrant justice work through her volunteering with:

Board Member of Desert Recreation Foundation

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Volunteer Field Public Policy Advocate

Coachella Valley Immigrant Coalition. 


Claudia "Citlali" Armenta 

Claudia Armenta is a co-founder of Danza Azteca and Talking Circle Citlaltonac. Claudia’s commitment to her community and her cultural traditions stems from empowering community members to be a part of something deeper that holds traditional and ancestral meaning. 


In the community, Claudia is a strong community leader and dancer that has been directly involved in regional and local politics, building relationships with various community and social organizations, and holds strong ties with the regional and local religious groups.

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